Since its inception in 1974, Sherman and Waterman have established themselves as one of the principle private sector market operators in the country. The company isĀ  very much a family concern who feel that by embracing their markets you are also embracing a community of creative talented traders who are passionate about what they do.

Antique Markets

Our markets are a community of like minded people who share our ethos that markets are a historical institution that are an integral part of every community and should be preserved for the next generation.

Bermondsey, London

Covent Garden, London

Spitalfields, London

Stratford Upon Avon

Flea Markets

S & W have widened their horizons by establishing the premier flea markets in London and Cambridge encapsulating their ethos of recycling and creating a community spirit.


Wimbledon, London


Market Insight

Take a tour around one of our markets.